• Sustainability Strategy: Towards 2030

    The strategy is grounded in our business purpose to transform mineral resources into a net-positive benefit for our stakeholders. Embedding sustainability across our business purpose means, simply, that every Orla employee and partner is engaged into the pathway to become net positive. It’s about the goal of adding more to society than extracting from it.

    As Orla has evolved from an exploration company, through development and now producer, we have elevated our expectations for our own sustainability performance and the types of impacts we aspire to achieve. In 2022, we launched our Towards 2030 Sustainability Strategy. This strategy amplifies our commitment to being a responsible, sustainability-driven company, and charts a long-term roadmap for our ESG ambitions.

    Our strategy, developed with input from multiple stakeholders, has three pillars:

    1. Maximize benefit to stakeholders
    2. Minimize injuries, consumption and impacts
    3. Manage our stakeholder relations with care

    In each of these pillars, we have set clear metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs), action plans and timelines to drive progress.

    Inside our inaugural Sustainability Report, you will find out more about our sustainability approach, our key activities, and the progress we made in 2022.


    Learn more about Orla’s approach to ESG


    ESG Scorecard

    To measure our progress and drive impact around our ESG actions, we have set targets and defined key performance indicators. The following scorecard shows our performance.

    1. A fatality that occurs to a direct or indirect employee while engaged in a legal work activity or present at the site of the incident as a requirement of his/her job.
    2. Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate = (lost time injuries x 1,000,000) / person hours. Only our operating mine, Camino Rojo.
    3. Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate including Camino Rojo and exploration project Cerro Quema.
    4. Community disputes that caused production disruption and cataloged as severe or extreme; represents social license to operate
    5. Significant environmental incident is defined as incidents level 4 or 5 according to the USEPA.
    6. Local communities are those that are directly influenced by our operations, and exploration and development projects.

    * Includes Camino Rojo mine in Mexico, Cerro Quema and South Railroad exploration projects in Panama and the U.S., respectively.

    ** Includes Camino Rojo only

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