There are several local communities in the general area of the project, and three communities that the Company considers in the direct area of influence. Orla maintains a positive relationship with our local communities based on open and honest communication and mutual respect.

We provide support to our local communities in a variety of ways and some examples include the offering of adult education programs and scholarships, and donations of food and supplies. A recent initiative we supported was the repair of a local civic centre which required a new roof. Details of some our community initiatives are below.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have provided emergency food and personal protective equipment to the local communities along with educational material on how to prevent the transmission of the virus. Our COVID-19 related support has been in partnership and collaboration with the local health authorities.

Cervical Cancer Detection and Mammography Campaign

In coordination with the Zacatecas Health Institution, Camino Rojo participated in a campaign for early detection of cervical and breast cancer for women in communities located near Camino Rojo.

The Health Institution provided a fully equipped mobile clinic and medical personnel to perform the tests, while Minera Camino Rojo provided transportation from the communities to the clinic. Over 100 women from seven different communities participated in the campaign.

Adult Education Program

Minera Camino Rojo, in partnership the Ministry of Education is sponsoring an ongoing adult education program open to the communities of influence of the Camino Rojo Project. Teacher and materials for the home and classroom studies are provided by the company, under the guidelines and supervision of the Ministry of Education of Zacatecas. As part of this program, the first exam for high school participants was conducted at the offices of Camino Rojo in San Tiburcio.

Introduction to Mining Course

As part of the efforts to promote higher education and knowledge about mining in the area of the project, Minera Camino Rojo implemented an introductory course to mining. The course was designed by Coast Mountain College and the first course imparted by a representative of the College. Subsequent courses are being imparted by Camino Rojo professional staff. The Introduction to Mining Course has attracted lots of attention and there is a waiting list of people form the communities that are interested in participating. The course is open to employees and people from the neighbouring communities.

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